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"Tell Us A Little Bit about Yourself" INTRO VIDEO in Less than 1 minute 🀳🏼


1. Watch Personality video Below


πŸ–Š Write down 3 things that are personal about Yourself and 3 things Related to Your Career. The list of questions below should give you a good staring point.

Where are you from?
Do you come from a big family or small family?
Do you have any pets?
What are your passionate about? When did You Start modeling?
What are your hobbies?
What are your Goals?
What is on your modeling bucket List?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years?

β–ͺ️ Keep the thoughts brief, no longwinded stories, quick fun facts, about yourself that you can weave together to tell your short story. You should be brief, playful, a bit animated, but β€œreal. Try to Paint a Picture with Your words Your story should be highlights about you, and have a beginning, middle and end..
Leave them wanting to know more...

3. Shoot on Your Phone YOUR OWN Personality Video!

Send Video by DM our instagram @ModelsonTV


Let Them See Who You Really Are! β€‹βœ¨β€‹

​​How to Tell Your Story in a Fun & Engaging Way in Less Than 1 minute!   Perfect for Instagram, Tiktok & Youtube β€‹β€‹

​​Techniques for Bookings β€‹πŸŽ¬β€‹ Castings β€‹πŸ“Έβ€‹ Auditions β€‹πŸŽ₯​ Self Tapes β€‹πŸ“²β€‹

"The Slate" Video

Slating On Camera πŸŽ₯​ 

​​Great for Self Tapes β€‹& Video CastingsπŸ€³πŸ½β€‹ & Video Casting  β€‹πŸŽ₯​ 

​How to Introduce Yourself with Confidence & ​​How to Show off Your Best Angles and Let Your Personality Shine!

​​Techniques for Bookings
 β€‹πŸŽ¬β€‹ Castings β€‹πŸ“Έβ€‹ Auditions β€‹πŸŽ₯​ Self Tapes β€‹πŸ“²β€‹

Expressions Video

How to Express Yourself  On Camera  β€‹πŸŽ₯​ 

​How to Show a  Range of Emotions & Expressions

​​Think Emoji  β€‹πŸ˜† 😊 πŸ€ͺ 😻😜 😳 😱 πŸ€¬πŸ˜€β€‹ β€‹πŸ˜β€‹  β€‹πŸ˜±β€‹ β€‹πŸ˜šβ€‹  β€‹πŸ˜œβ€‹

​​ Techniques for Bookings β€‹πŸŽ¬β€‹ Castings β€‹πŸ“Έβ€‹ Auditions β€‹πŸŽ₯​ Self Tapes β€‹πŸ“²β€‹

Dancing on Video πŸ•ΊπŸΏπŸ’ƒβ€‹ β€‹β€‹ 

​​How to Let Go and Be Free and Dance Like No One’s Watching, Even When Everyone Is! β€‹πŸ‘€

​​Techniques for Bookings β€‹πŸŽ¬β€‹ Castings β€‹πŸ“Έβ€‹ Auditions β€‹πŸŽ₯​ Self Tapes β€‹πŸ“²β€‹

BONUS VIDEO - Lisa Philips share her 3 Top Tips when Meeting an Agent! This advice goes for anyone meeting clients too! I've Met Thousands of Aspiring Models in my NYC Agency and the Models that Book the Big Jobs all do these 3 things! x Lisa

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